Rome Rebuilds the Ancient Statue of Emperor Constantine

Christianity was welcomed by the Roman emperor Constantine the First. He contributed to the religion’s dissemination over the Roman Empire. A massive statue of Constantine that has been restored was unveiled to the public in Rome recently. The 13-meter replica of the statue that Constantine erected for himself was made public by officials. A colossal statue of the seated emperor was made possible by special technology known as 3D modelling, which allowed the creators to create the sculpture from scans of the nine massive original marble body parts that exist. Constantine is carrying an orb and scepter while donning fancy attire. From a side garden of the Capitoline Museums, he surveys Rome.

The location of the reconstructed statue is not far from where the original fragments of Constantine’s enormous hands, feet, and head remain preserved. The original was constructed over 1,700 years ago by artists in Rome. The statue, restored to its original design, inspires awe in those who view it. During the statue’s public unveiling, officials stated that this sentiment embodies exactly what Constantine desired from his subjects. According to Salvatore Settis of the Fondazione Prada, the cultural and educational branch of the fashion firm that provided funding for the project, “this statue represents the violence of power in addition to beauty.


The project’s cost was not disclosed by the officials. However, the statue was made by the Factum Foundation. The organization is a Madrid-based nonprofit. It produces unique digital replicas of well-known cultural artifacts from throughout the globe. The primary goal of Factum Foundation is to change the way we comprehend and value cultural heritage through the use of technology, according to Adam Lowe, the organization’s founder. Several materials are used to make the statue. Marble powder, polyurethane, and resin make up the body. The unusual apparel covering the body is made of plaster and gold leaf.

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