The military regime in Myanmar upholds the conscription law

In light of the ongoing unrest in the nation, the government of Myanmar has declared that all young men and women must serve in the military. In a coup in February 2021, the army overthrew the civilian administration. However, it has lost several conflicts with anti-coup forces and ethnic militias in recent months. Following the announcement on Saturday, all men and women between the ages of 18 and 35 will have to serve for a minimum of two years under military leadership. There are no other details available. However, the junta said in a statement that it would “release necessary bylaws, procedures, announcements orders, notifications and instructions” through its ministry of defense.


In recent months, the military has suffered a number of humiliating setbacks. Three ethnic rebel armies in Shan State took control of border crossings and routes that carried the majority of the country’s overland trade with China at the end of the previous year. These armies were backed by other armed opposition groups. The Arakan Army (AA) declared last month that it had taken over the hilltop base at Meewa, which is the final military outpost in Paletwa township, as well as Paletwa in Chin State. Former general Myint Swe, who was installed as president of Myanmar by the military, has repeatedly issued warnings that the nation could collapse if the government is unable to put an end to the violence.


Although a conscription-related law was introduced in Myanmar in 2010, it has not yet been put into effect. In a situation of emergency, the terms of service may be extended under the law for a maximum of five years. People who refuse to comply with a summons may be imprisoned for the same amount of time. The junta in charge of the nation declared a state of emergency in 2021, and it was recently extended for an additional six months. Before it transitioned to democracy in 2011, Myanmar had been ruled by repressive military administrations for nearly 50 years. The military declared its takeover of the nation on February 1, 2021.

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