Trump said he will ‘urge’ Russia to strike NATO nations who fail to make their bill payments

According to statements made by Donald Trump, he would “encourage” Russia to strike any NATO member that defaults on its obligations to the Western military alliance. He claimed to have told a leader at a rally on Saturday that he would “encourage” the aggressors to “do whatever the hell they want” and that he would not defend a country in arrears on its payments. NATO members pledge to defend any attacked country in the alliance. The remarks were described as “appalling and unhinged” by the White House. Speaking to the crowd at the South Carolina event, Mr. Trump claimed to have made his remarks against Russia at a NATO leaders’ summit.


He recalled that the head of a “big country” had described a fictitious scenario in which he was under assault from Moscow and was not fulfilling his financial duties within NATO. Mr. Trump said that the leader’s question about whether the US would support his nation in that situation was the reason he had to chastise her. “‘You didn’t pay?’ I asked. You’re a miscreant?”No, I wouldn’t shield you; in fact, I would support them in doing whatever they please.” You must make a payment.” The previous president was “encouraging invasions of our closest allies by murderous regimes,” according to a White House spokesman, who called the remarks “appalling and unhinged.”


The remark “endangers our domestic economy, global stability, and American national security,” he continued. The front-runner for the Republican nomination in this year’s US presidential election, Mr. Trump, has long criticized NATO and what he views as an unjustifiable financial load on the US to ensure the defense of thirty other countries. 2022 saw the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine following Mr. Trump’s resignation. Since then, he has lamented the quantity of US funding given to Ukraine—a non-member of NATO—of which there is.

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