Will Harry and William’s relationship improve after King’s cancer diagnosis?

“Prince freakin’ Harry,” said the winner of the US football championship, Cameron Heyward, as he began an emotional victory speech thanking God and many of his other supporters. When the football player saw the Duke of Sussex presenting the trophy at an NFL award event in Las Vegas, he appeared to be just as shocked as everyone else. Here was Prince Harry in Nevada, following the somber headlines about his quick trip to London to meet his father following the King’s cancer diagnosis. He appeared at ease and made jokes about American football being rugby again, without the “taking a breather every 15 seconds” part, despite the overseas travel.

Not only did the athlete appear perplexed by Prince Harry’s presence. Following a turbulent week of royal health updates, many are still perplexed by Prince Harry’s transatlantic last-minute rush to see the King on Tuesday. How long would you anticipate staying with your family if you had flown overnight across the Atlantic to London in a frantic haste to meet a parent who had bad news and arrived there in a convoy from Heathrow? When the meeting did occur, it most likely lasted less than 45 minutes.


Furthermore, there was absolutely no encounter with the Prince of Wales, his brother. Sources have ruled out the possibility of Prince Harry meeting his father at Clarence House before he had even arrived. There was going to be no background feel-good, fraternal music. The family permafrost was not going to begin to thaw out over such an event. All the photos were awful, and blurry, showing Harry in the standard black Range Rovers. “What else might spur William and his father to get back together if not his father’s illness? Historian and author Sir Anthony Seldon predicts that the divide will deepen with every year that goes by and every significant life event that passes.

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