“Violent” attacks have been recorded in Rafah, Gaza


The Gaza city of Rafah has been subjected to “violent” attacks, according to the nonprofit Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS), with several fatalities recorded. Numerous airstrikes were reported by witnesses in the north and center of the city. Without providing more information, the Israeli military declared that it had carried out strikes in the southern Gaza region. It comes as the world community issued warnings about Israel’s intended offensive in the city, where 1.5 million people are seeking refuge. According to the UN, the Palestinians who have ended themselves in the extreme south of Palestinian territory have nowhere to go.


US President Joe Biden informed Israel’s prime minister on Sunday that precautions should be taken to protect civilians during a military action in Rafah. According to the White House, during a call with Benjamin Netanyahu, Mr. Biden stated that Israel required a “credible and executable plan” to safeguard the city’s over a million residents. A plan is being drafted, and Mr. Netanyahu has insisted that it will proceed. The two presidents are speaking over the phone a few days after Mr. Biden said that Israel’s military actions in Gaza were “over the top”.


It also comes as a number of regional nations, international organizations, and allies of Israel have expressed increasing alarm about reports that Israeli troops may move into Rafah, which is the sole open entrance point for humanitarian aid and is located on the Egyptian border. “Over half of Gaza’s population is sheltering in the area,” according to UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron, while Saudi Arabia threatened “very serious repercussions” if Rafah was overrun. Many of the residents of the camps are living in tents after being compelled to leave their houses in other parts of Gaza at least once due to Israeli military directives.


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