OpenAI Releases a New Video Maker

The company behind ChatGPT just revealed its next step into the field of generative AI. With the use of written instructions known as prompts, OpenAI’s latest text-to-video generator, Sora, based in San Francisco, can produce brief videos instantaneously. There are several such models besides Sora. Runway ML, Google, and Meta are a few more businesses that have created comparable technology. However, onlookers were taken aback by the high caliber of videos that OpenAI produced, some of which were produced after CEO Sam Altman requested suggestions for textual prompts from social media users. The video results have raised concerns about potential ethical and cultural repercussions.


One recommendation, or prompt, was posted on X by a New Hampshire-based photographer. The prompt described the setting, an old Italian country kitchen, and the type of meal to be prepared, gnocchi. The prompt described the setting as a rustic Tuscan country kitchen with dramatic lighting, with a grandmother social media influencer hosting an instructional cooking class for homemade gnocchi. Shortly after, Altman responded with a realistic video that illustrated what the prompt said.


Public access to the tool is not yet possible. OpenAI has provided very little information regarding its development process. Additionally, the business has not disclosed which images and videos were utilized to train Sora. Because OpenAI used copyrighted writings to teach ChatGPT, the New York Times and a few writers filed lawsuits against the company. Additionally, OpenAI licenses its text news archive to The Associated Press, the report’s source, for a charge. Before making the new tool available to the general public, OpenAI stated in a blog post that it is in contact with legislators, artists, and other relevant parties.

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