Biden hopes for a cease-fire in Israel and Gaza by next week

According to US President Joe Biden, a ceasefire in the Israel-Gaza conflict should be achieved “by next Monday”. His remarks coincide with information that ongoing negotiations between officials of Israel and Hamas in Qatar are making some headway. “We’re close, according to my national security advisor,” Mr. Biden stated. Israel began a massive air and military attack in Gaza on October 7, following the murder of around 1,200 civilians in southern Israel by Hamas terrorists. Additionally, 253 people were held captive by the attackers; some of them have since been freed. Since then, at least 29,782 people have died in the Gaza Strip, according to the health ministry operated by Hamas, with 90 of those deaths occurring on Sunday alone.


After the conflict, Netanyahu lays forth his strategy for Gaza.
Children in Gaza look for food to keep their families alive.
President Biden discussed the potential truce with reporters in New York City while he was in his nation, which is Israel’s principal ally. He stated, “We’re close,” on Monday. “We’re still not done. I’m hoping for a ceasefire by next Monday.” A US State Department spokeswoman had stated that “progress” had been made in the last few days in the negotiations to free the Israeli prisoners, but it was still uncertain if Hamas would agree to the most recent proposed agreement. Spokesman Matthew Miller stated, “We’ve had progress with the conversations we’ve had between Egypt, Israel, the United States, and Qatar.”


The US came under heavy fire last week for exercising its veto power over a UN Security Council resolution that called for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. Rather, it put forth a resolution calling for a temporary ceasefire of its own and forbade Israel from invading Rafah, a city in southern Gaza. The military has sent preparations for the evacuation of residents from several areas of the Gaza Strip in advance of fresh ground operations, according to the Israeli government. Israel is facing increasing pressure from the international community to refrain from initiating an offensive in the city, which is home to a large number of Palestinian refugees who have fled other areas of Gaza.

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