Scarlet Blake, a cat killer, was imprisoned for a murder inspired by a Netflix series

A killer who livestreamed the murder of a cat months prior and guided a man to his death has been imprisoned for at least 24 years. at July 2021, at Oxford, Scarlet Blake, then 26 years old, struck Jorge Martin Carreno and then pushed him into the River Cherwell. The judge ruled that Blake’s plot “played a part” in a Netflix series about killing cats. Oxford Crown Court found her guilty of murder last Friday. It was revealed during her trial that she had been out on the streets, hunting for possible victims. Blake has already acknowledged being charged with criminal damage because of the cat. Blake, a transgender person, would serve out his term in a men’s jail, according to the Ministry of Justice.


She told her parents she was transsexual at the age of twelve after traveling to the UK from China when she was nine years old. She claimed that it “made my father really unhappy and my mother as well” along with “caused a large emotional rift” . Blake’s “extreme interest in death and… harm” that “went beyond mere fantasy” was described before the jurors, having previously gone by the name Alice Wang. Blake, according to prosecutor Alison Morgan KC, received “sexual gratification from the thought of violence and the thought of death”. She had earlier informed the jury that Mr. Carreno, a Spanish national employed at the city’s Mini plant, had spent the evening drinking with coworkers following the lifting of the Covid restrictions.


After getting lost and splitting up from his pals, the 30-year-old had the “great misfortune” of running into Blake. He was led to a remote riverside, the court was told, when she beat him over the head with a vodka bottle, tried to choke him, and then shoved him into the water, where he drowned.Blake had previously disclosed to the jury his online friendship with another trans lady in the US named Ashlynn Bell. She maintained that she “very much didn’t want” to kill the cat and that she killed it merely to appease Ms. Bell, acting as though she was enjoying it. However, the court heard that she took “grotesque pleasure” in chopping it up and putting it in a blender.

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