A healthy lifestyle is advised by experts amid the obsession with weight loss

A common meal that guests who are health conscious seek out. China Daily was given access to this photo. Liu Tiantian, a pastry maker in Beijing, was inspired by an actress who lost fifty kg for the main role in a recent box office blockbuster to try fasting for a day. Fasting is promoted online as a diet strategy that detoxifies the body and accelerates weight reduction. She had to stop later that day due to acid reflux. “It was foolish of me to give up eating all of a sudden. I really can’t live my life without food,” the 35-year-old remarked. Liu treated herself to a substantial dish of stewed beef and potato, rice, and a side salad for lunch on Monday.


“I realized that we cannot follow celebrities’ methods blindly, and the sustainable way for me to lose weight is to eat a balanced, low-fat diet,” she stated. The movie YOLO, which is the biggest grossing film of this year’s Spring Festival vacation and tells the story of a jobless lady who became a boxer, is the one that has recently caused a weight loss frenzy among the Chinese population. Jia Ling, who rose to fame for her round form and sharp tongue following her breakthrough parts in comedies, is the director and lead actress.


In Beijing, another resident with the last name Liu reported that the film made her think about controlling her weight. “I used to only do physical activities that I like, such as cardio workouts and high-intensity interval training that would increase my heart rate and release endorphins,” stated the 34-year-old. “Now, I also push myself to lift dumbbells to gain muscle.” As a gourmand who was sometimes irritated by being overweight, Liu claimed to have understood and appreciated Jia’s tremendous efforts in battling mood swings and lactic acid buildup in order to get her current figure. “Considering that she’s done it within a relatively short period, it is truly impressive,” she stated.

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