Five men are praised in Guangzhou for their bravery in responding to a bridge collapse

Five common guys in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, have received recognition for their bravery when they assisted in preventing vehicles from passing under a partially collapsed bridge. Five persons were killed after a cargo ship struck the Lixinsha Bridge pier in Guangzhou’s Nansha area at around 5:30 in the morning on Thursday. The bridge broke. The primary route between Sanmin Island and the Nansha Economic Development Zone crosses the Hongqili Waterway via this bridge. The bridge is vital to the over 9,000 inhabitants of the island, who rely heavily on it for transportation of agricultural goods.


Local farmer Huang Fulin was riding his motorcycle to the other side of the bridge on Thursday morning when he became aware of the tragedy. “That day, visibility was excellent. But as I approached the collapsed bridge, which was about 20 meters away, I noticed a dense fog and the surrounding area was quite gloomy. I stopped driving because I was so afraid,” Huang said. Huang noticed a truck approaching as he was about to report the mishap to the local police post after discovering the bridge fracture. He yelled loudly, “Stop!” and kept flashing his lights at that very moment. It’s risky.” Huang worked hard to get the truck to stop.


Wang Guoliang, the truck driver, is a retired military man. He immediately alerted the police and stopped two Sanming Island residents who were riding bicycles. Additionally, he turned his truck around and parked it horizontally at the bridge’s T-junction. “My truck is around fifteen meters in length. The vehicles wouldn’t be able to enter the bridge since the truck would be obstructing the only path to Sanmin Island at the T-junction, according to Wang. Huang, in the meantime, hurried to the closest police station and informed Guo Zhenzhao and Huang Biwei, the policemen who were on duty, about the mishap. When Guo and Huang got there, they immediately marked the road with traffic cones.

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