Human remains discovered during Jesse Baird’s hunt for a missing Sydney couple

According to Australian authorities, two bodies have been discovered while looking for Jesse Baird and Luke Davies, a Sydney couple who went missing. Commissioner of Police for the State of New South Wales (NSW), Karen Webb, stated, “We are very confident that we have located Luke and Jesse.” A policeman named Beaumont Lamarre-Condon, who dated TV host Mr. Baird in the past, was already accused of murder. The bodies were found in the town of Bungonia on a rural property. Police stated that Mr. Lamarre-Condon eventually revealed the locations of the two bodies on Tuesday morning, following his initial refusal to assist with the inquiry.


Detective Superintendent Daniel Doherty reported that efforts had been taken “to cover the bodies with rock and debris” and that the remains had been discovered “near the entrance to the property”. He continued by saying that the slain couple’s body was taken from Mr. Baird’s inner-city Paddington house, where it is thought they were killed, to a white vehicle where the police believe two “surf bags” were used to carry them. There, last week, detectives discovered a bullet that matched Mr. Lamarre-Condon’s work-issued gun, along with “significant” amounts of blood and overturned furniture. Mr. Lamarre-Condon has not responded to the accusations against him since his Friday court appearance when he was denied bail. He was a famous blogger until he enlisted in the police force in 2019.


After learning that Mr. Lamarre-Condon had visited the Bungonia property last Wednesday with an acquaintance in the white van thought to be carrying the pair’s bodies, police concentrated their efforts on the property, which is located about two hours south of Sydney. Police have referred to the acquaintance as “an innocent agent”. Mr. Lamarre-Condon left the female acquaintance there after breaking the lock on a gate, and he drove the van onto the property and came back half an hour later. If Mr. Lamarre-Condon went back to the scene to relocate the remains, it was something the police were looking into. Additionally, Mr. Lamarre-Condon informed authorities on Tuesday that the remains were found at a different home within the same municipality.

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