Netanyahu and Biden argue over their support for the Israel-Gaza conflict

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated on Tuesday that Israel will fight “until total victory” over Hamas with the support of the American people. Mr. Netanyahu referenced surveys in a statement indicating that over eighty percent of Americans back Israel in the Gaza battle. His remarks follow US President Joe Biden’s caution that Israel may lose support from other countries in the conflict. US authorities claim to be negotiating a potential cease-fire. Mr. Netanyahu said in his statement on Tuesday that he has been spearheading a campaign to “counter international pressure to end the war ahead of time and mobilize support for Israel” ever before the conflict started.


In addition, Mr. Netanyahu stated, “We have significant successes in this area,” noting a recent Harvard-Harris poll that revealed 82% of Americans favor Israel. “This gives us more strength to continue the campaign until complete victory.” According to Mr. Biden’s statement on Monday, the US expects to see an end to hostilities in Gaza “by next Monday.” Later on, the US president hinted that if Israel “keeps up with this incredibly conservative government they have,” it would “lose support from around the world.”


Who is going to call me Dad? Gaza father’s tears, having lost 103 family members. Biden expresses hope for a ceasefire in Gaza by next week. Democrats anticipate a backlash in Michigan during the vote. About half of US respondents thought Israel had “gone too far” in January, up from 40% in November, according to a different poll conducted by the Associated Press and Norc. Officials from the State Department and the White House acknowledged on Tuesday that discussions about a provisional ceasefire were ongoing, but they would not comment on the specifics of the discussions or speculate on when they could conclude. A deal to allow captives to escape Gaza and allow humanitarian aid to enter was believed to have made “significant progress” last week, according to John Kirby, the White House’s National Security Council spokeswoman.

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