November cautionary tales for Trump and Biden

CNN —Tuesday saw the victories of Joe Biden and Donald Trump in their respective primaries in Michigan, but a closer look at the numbers raises serious questions for both campaigns as they prepare for what is expected to be an increasingly unpredictable rematch in November. Progressives, young voters, and Arab American Democrats sent Biden a warning during the Democratic primary in the form of a “uncommitted” protest vote: change your stance on Israel’s war in Gaza or face losing a sizable portion of support in a state that could be crucial for the general election.


Additionally, Trump’s victory on the GOP side did not mask a potentially harmful flaw. Once more, a significant number of Republicans turned out to vote against their party’s undisputed leader. The fact that it took place in Michigan, one of the only states where Biden defeated Trump in 2020 after a close race in 2016, lends those worries—and the acts stoking them—disproportionate weight in a contest where both candidates need on sizable support from the electorate to win in November. The following are some key lessons from the Michigan presidential primary of 2024:


In spite of a recent shift in tone and certain last-minute rumors of an impending truce, Biden and his administration have supported Israel’s right to self-defense. The Ministry of Health in Gaza, which is under the control of Hamas, reports that since Hamas launched its strikes on Israel on October 7, over 29,000 Palestinians have died in Gaza. Additionally, as the number of civilian casualties—which now includes thousands of children—keeps rising, there is increasing pressure on Biden to call for a ceasefire in public.

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