Police confiscate 72 firearms from the residence of French actor Alain Delon

More than 3,000 rounds of ammunition and 72 rifles have been taken by French police from the residence of movie icon Alain Delon. Also, the actor’s residence at Douchy-Montcorbon, which is located roughly 135 kilometers (84 miles) south of Paris, included a shooting range. As per the prosecution, Mr. Delon lacked the necessary permit to possess a firearm.


The 88-year-old actor, well-known for his tough-guy attitude in popular films like Borsalino and The Samurai, was a star of the heyday of French cinema. A court-appointed representative who was sent to Mr. Delon’s residence discovered a weapon and informed the judge, prompting the search order on Tuesday. His family’s disintegration has also been in the news in France. Through a series of insults, charges, litigation, and covert recordings, his three children have shared their concerns with the media. The most recent court proceedings concerned Mr. Delon’s medical care. A court-approved physician evaluated him last month, but the children quickly challenged the results. When his kids brought up his former live-in helper Hiromi Rollin in court last year, suspicions were first aroused concerning him.


They claim their father was the victim of “moral harassment” by the Japanese film production assistant. All the accusations were refuted by her attorney at the time. At the 2019 Cannes Film Festival, Mr. Delon accepted an honorary Palme d’Or, marking his final significant public appearance. He was there at his buddy and fellow star Jean-Paul Belmondo’s burial in Paris in September 2019.

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