Preparedness of the media center for the arrival of foreign reporters

On February 27, workers at the press center in Beijing, the Chinese capital, prepare for the country’s forthcoming annual legislative and political consultation sessions. [Image: Xinhua] Beijing opened a media center on Tuesday, prepared to handle the flood of foreign journalists covering the country’s main legislative and political advisory organizations’ impending annual two sessions. The 14th National People’s Congress and the 14th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference will hold their separate opening sessions on March 4 and 5.


press organizations are allowed to use the center’s multiple interview rooms and press conference hall, according to the center. According to the release, “journalists will receive digital versions of the primary conference materials, removing the need for them to stand in large lines to obtain them on-site.” It also stated that locations for holding interviews will be made available at the hotels where NPC deputies and CPPCC National Committee members lodge. Correspondents and videographers, including those from Phoenix Satellite Television and Hong Kong Cable Television, flocked into the media center shortly as it opened on Tuesday morning to get a peek at the location and to swap contact details with colleagues.


Unauthorized to communicate with the media, the center’s staff member who wished to remain anonymous revealed that his colleagues had fielded several inquiries from foreign reporters looking for assistance with registration or more details about the two sessions. “Journalists typically want more information than what is officially available,” he stated. The second-floor multimedia hall has been converted into a press conference space, featuring around 150 seats oriented towards a platform featuring eight chairs against a blue backdrop. Videographers have set up stands at the rear of the hall.

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