Alabama’s Republican-controlled legislature passes a bill protecting IVF

Following the ruling by the state Supreme Court that frozen embryos should be treated as children, which forced at least three Alabama clinics to stop the reproductive process, the Republican-led legislature of Alabama passed a bill on Thursday that is intended to safeguard the IVF sector. The law passed the House by a vote of 94-6 and then the Senate 34-0, with one member abstaining. Republican governor Kay Ivey has indicated that she will back the bill. Should Ivey sign the bill, IVF providers would be shielded from both civil and criminal actions. When the measure would arrive on Ivey’s desk was unknown.


Since it was unknown how to lawfully store, transfer, and use embryos following the verdict by the Alabama Supreme Court on February 16, some IVF patients attempted to relocate their frozen embryos outside of Alabama. Republicans around the country are fighting to mitigate the fallout from the ruling of the Alabama Supreme Court, which has all Republican elected judges. Democrats have seized on it as another proof that women’s rights are being violated. The day after a similar attempt to shield the IVF sector federally failed in Congress, the Alabama House enacted the law.


Republican U.S. Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith of Mississippi stopped Democrats’ attempt on Wednesday to ram through federal legislation that would protect IVF practitioners and health insurance companies while guaranteeing access to IVF treatments and facilities without fear of punishment. For couples who are having trouble conceiving, in vitro fertilization, or IVF, involves combining eggs and sperm in a lab dish to generate an embryo. In response to three families’ complaints against a hospital and fertility clinic for neglecting to properly store their frozen embryos, which led to their destruction when a patient accessed them unlawfully, the Alabama Supreme Court rendered its decision.

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