Israel-Gaza war: A crowd close to a Gaza relief truck is said to have killed over 100 people

It is reported that 760 Palestinians were hurt and at least 112 Palestinians have died while attempting to enter Gaza to obtain much-needed supplies. In the face of Israeli tanks, crowds gathered around a convoy of vehicles on the beachfront road southwest of Gaza City. According to Israel’s military, tanks fired warning shots but missed the convoy. According to other Palestinians, soldiers opened fire on them. Most of those killed, according to a Palestinian witness who spoke with the BBC, were ran over by lorry drivers as they attempted to proceed.


Hundreds of people can be seen on and around lorries in Israeli aerial imagery, while gory videos uploaded online depict bodies put onto emptied aid wagons and a donkey cart. Israel was accused of a “massacre” by Gaza’s Hamas-run health ministry, which released the numbers of 112 killed and 760 injured. To discuss the situation, the UN Security Council has called an emergency meeting behind closed doors. France deemed it “unjustifiable” because Israeli soldiers “fired against civilians trying to access food,” and US President Joe Biden voiced concern that the incident would make it more difficult for mediators to mediate a short-term ceasefire in Israel and Hamas’s conflict.


MSF, a medical humanitarian organization, expressed its horror and demanded a “short-term, long-term ceasefire.” The incident occurred just hours before the health ministry of Gaza declared that since the conflict began on October 7, more than 30,000 people, including 21,000 women and children, had died in Gaza. There were reportedly 70,450 injuries and almost 7,000 missing people. In the northern part of the territory, where an estimated 300,000 people are living in poverty and without access to clean water, the UN is warning of an impending famine.

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