Celeste Manno: Luay Sako, who killed a coworker, was sent in jail

An Australian man has been sentenced to 36 years in prison for stalking his former coworker for months before to her murder. In 2020, Luay Sako came into Celeste Manno’s Melbourne home and stabbed her twenty-three times in less than two and a half minutes. The attack, according to the prosecution, took place hours after she uploaded a picture of herself with her new partner online. Sako’s life sentence was what the family of Ms. Manno felt should have happened after Thursday’s decision. In 2019, after he was let go from the contact center where they both worked, he started following Ms. Manno, 23.


He started messaging her, and even though Ms. Manno begged him to stop, his communications become more and more frantic and obsessional. After reporting Sako to the police, Ms. Manno was successful in obtaining a temporary protection order. He was then accused of violating the order, but he remained unfazed. Sako used Google Maps to cross-reference her social media posts in order to determine the location of Ms. Manno’s family home, as the court heard. A few hours after she shared a picture of herself and her new partner on social media on November 16, 2020, he drove to the address and broke her bedroom window with a hammer.


Then, as Ms. Manno was sleeping, he fatally attacked her with a knife and ran away a few minutes later. Her mother discovered her body not long after. Later, Sako drove to a police station and demanded to be shot by the policemen, accusing them of killing her. He remarked, “You know what happened, it’s your fault,” and that “she’s dead, she’s dead.” Go have a look.

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