Chinese Internet Discovers Ukrainian YouTuber’s AI Clone Selling Russian Products

Numerous films of foreign-looking ladies created using artificial intelligence began to appear on Chinese social media sites around the Lunar New Year earlier this month, speaking Mandarin and spreading love for China. Even the real-life ladies recognize themselves in the films since the avatars in them are made from stolen, copied, and repurposed online photographs. Among them women is Olga Loiek. She is a 20-year-old Ukrainian student at the University of Pennsylvania studying cognitive science. Loiek launched a YouTube channel a few months ago, where she discusses mental health and life philosophy.


But not long after, followers began messaging her to let her know they had seen her on Chinese social media. There, she is a Russian woman who speaks Mandarin, adores China, and aspires to marry a Chinese man—not Olga Loiek. Depending on the Chinese social media network you find her on, her name goes by Natasha, Anna, or Grace. “I began interpreting the videos using Google Translate and observed that the majority of these accounts discuss topics such as China, Russia, and the positive state of their relationship,” the speaker told VOA. “This feels very violating.


We will cook, clean dishes, and wash your clothes every day if you marry a Russian woman, an avatar claimed. Additionally, you can have as many foreign babies as you desire from us. Videos on Douyin and Bilibili show Loiek’s avatar speaking Mandarin in a number of different recordings. In order to purchase what they claim to be genuine Russian goods, the majority of these accounts would advise viewers to visit their online storefronts. Some of these films have been flagged by Douyin, China’s answer to TikTok, as possibly AI-generated. However, comments reveal that a lot of people thought they were staring at a real woman. “Russian beauty, Chinese people welcome you,” a netizen wrote.

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