Over 30,000 people have died in Gaza, according to the health ministry headed by Hamas

Since October 7, more than 30,000 Palestinians have died in Gaza, according to the health ministry, which is controlled by Hamas. This latest sobering indicator of the terrible cost of this war is that figure represents roughly 1.3% of the territory’s 2.3 million population. Women and children made up the bulk of those slain, according to the ministry. Its statistics do not distinguish between fighters and civilians when listing the deceased. The government reported in its daily statement on Thursday that 81 people had died in the previous day, bringing the total to 30,035.


Since the figure does not include individuals who have not yet reached hospitals—among them, thousands of people who are still missing beneath the debris of buildings struck by Israeli airstrikes—the true death toll is probably far higher. The only official source of casualties is the Gaza Ministry of Health (MoH), which has reported over 70,000 injuries. International organizations and UN agencies cite its statistics.


According to the World Health Organization (WHO), it has “good capacity in data collection/analysis” and has “long-standing co-operation” with the Gaza authority. The UN agency has deemed its prior reporting to be reliable and “well developed”. The WHO reports that “it clearly shows an increasing number of civilians being killed, with a higher proportion of children and women fatalities” when the current breakdown of deaths in Gaza is compared with earlier data from UN-recorded hostilities. When questioned by the BBC about their estimation of the death toll and the proportion of fighters vs civilians, the Israeli military provided only the statement, “the number of terrorists killed stands at approximately 10,000”.

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