Pyongyang’s support for Russia’s conflict against Ukraine is praised by Moscow

In a display of solidarity, Russia has once again thanked North Korea for encouraging its assault against Ukraine, even as new allegations of armaments trade between the two autocratic states surfaced. In a Facebook post updating followers on developments in Ukraine on February 29, the Russian Embassy in Pyongyang expressed its satisfaction that the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is leading the charge in this fight. The official name of North Korea is the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. The carnage and devastation brought forth by the US and its proxies’ repressive actions in Russia are their fault.


Referring to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as a “righteous struggle to defend its strategic security and interests,” North Korea has backed the Russian assault. A few days prior, Seoul reported that North Korea had shipped 6,700 containers with over three million artillery shells to Russia since August of last year. This was the statement from the Russian Embassy in Pyongyang. Russia and North Korea have been accused of exchanging weapons, and the Ukrainians have claimed that Russian soldiers attacked them using missiles from North Korea, an allegation both Moscow and Pyongyang have refuted.


Shin Won-sik, the defense minister of South Korea, said reporters on Tuesday that he believes millions of rounds, including more than three million 152mm artillery shells and more than half a million 122mm rocket launchers, have been shipped to Russia based on the quantity of containers. Shin pointed out that he estimates that just approximately thirty of North Korea’s hundreds of munitions facilities are currently in functioning. On the other hand, people engaged in Russian-related activities appear to be operating at maximum efficiency. Separately, given that South Korea has received more than a million artillery shells from North Korea since early August, the National Intelligence Service of South Korea stated in November of last year that Moscow has probably given Pyongyang scientific help for its satellite launch.

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