Separate visits by Biden and Trump to the US-Mexico border

Both Donald Trump and Joe Biden have made opposing trips to the US border in Texas in an effort to emphasize their respective capacities to combat illegal immigration. One of the most divisive topics in US politics, it will play a major role in this year’s presidential election. The match in November appears to be another matchup between the two men. Mr. Biden claimed that his Republican opponent, who mentioned the “extremely dangerous” state of affairs at the border, was impeding his attempts to tighten the screws on border crossings. Bipartisan border changes have been thwarted by Republicans in the House of Representatives, which Democrats claim is a deliberate attempt by Mr. Trump to prevent them from winning before the election.


In Texas, Mr. Trump declared that if re-elected, he would “take care” of the problem of illegal immigration. Mass deportations are what he has previously promised to do if he returns to power. The problem is receiving a lot of attention since, during Mr. Biden’s presidency, more than 6.3 million people have been imprisoned for entering the country illegally—more than during any previous presidency. Experts, however, assert that the causes of the rise are multifaceted, with certain elements existing outside of US jurisdiction and preceding his administration.


During his speech, Mr. Trump said that “thousands” of African and Middle Eastern migrants were entering Mexico illegally. As a matter of fact, most of those apprehended are from Latin America. He also criticized what he recently dubbed “Biden migrant crime,” despite the fact that no national statistics exist demonstrating that migrant populations in US cities are the source of crime waves. On Mr. Trump’s visit to Eagle Pass, a Democratic-run town where Republicans are gaining political ground by criticizing Mr. Biden’s management of the border, both protestors and supporters gathered. The 81-year-old Enriqueta Diaz told the BBC that she supported Mr. Trump’s plans to militarize the border even more.

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