There are over a billion obese people in the globe, according to study

Global figures released in The Lancet indicate that over a billion people worldwide suffer from obesity.Based on estimates from 2022, this comprises approximately 880 million adults and 159 million children. About 70–80% of adults live with obesity in Tonga and American Samoa for women, and American Samoa and Nauru for males. The UK is ranked 87th for women and 55th for men out of about 190 countries.


According to the multinational scientific team, significant adjustments in the approach to addressing obesity are desperately needed. Heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and several types of cancer are just a few of the significant health concerns that obesity might raise your risk of getting. Researchers ranked the world’s obesity rates, or the proportion of people classified as fat after age differences are taken into consideration, and discovered that the US ranks 10th for men and 36th for women. India is ranked 21st for males and 19th for women. China ranks 52nd for males and 11th for women in the world.


The BBC was informed by Imperial College London senior researcher Prof. Majid Ezzati that “in many of these island nations, it comes down to the availability of healthy food versus unhealthy food.”Aggressive marketing strategies have occasionally been used to promote unhealthy meals, although the cost and accessibility of better options can often pose greater challenges.” Prof. Ezzati, who has spent years analyzing statistics from around the world, says he is shocked at how quickly the situation has changed. While underweight people are no longer considered to be the largest worry, many more nations are now dealing with an obesity crisis.

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