A majority of Swedes said “too many sacrifices” were made for the NATO bid

According to a survey published on March 1, most Swedes think their nation paid “too many sacrifices” to join NATO, but they also concur that Sweden’s security would be bolstered. Following Hungary’s approval of its proposal on February 26, Sweden is expected to join the military alliance as its thirty-second member in a matter of days. Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Nordic nation applied to join NATO alongside Finland, ending two centuries of military non-alignment.


A survey by the analysis firm Indikator for the Swedish broadcaster SR found that 55% of Swedes think their nation “has made too many sacrifices to join NATO.” In the meanwhile, 77% of respondents think that Sweden’s membership “strengthens its security.” In February, 2,413 persons participated in the survey. But what kind of sacrifices people objected to was not questioned. As to Mr. to Oleskog Tryggvason, head of research at Indikator, the data indicate that Swedes view “the Nato process for the complicated issue it has been.” AFP was informed of this. The general view is that Sweden’s membership in NATO strengthens its security. However, it’s evident that the journey hasn’t been easy, Mr. Oleskog Tryggvason added.


Turkey was the main opponent of Sweden’s bid, claiming that the Nordic nation was giving sanctuary to hundreds of individuals it suspected were connected to a failed coup attempt in 2016 and Kurdish separatists. In 2022, Sweden and Turkey reached a deal whereby Sweden agreed to review Turkey’s claims for extradition and to abolish the arms embargo pertaining to Turkey’s military invasion into Syria in 2019. Additionally, it strengthened anti-terror laws by amending its constitution.

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