“Blue cards” are totally opposed by FIFA, according to CEO Infantino

President Gianni Infantino of FIFA stated that the organization is opposed to the International Football Association Board’s suggestion for “blue cards,” noting that he was not aware of the concept prior to it becoming widely known. During the FIFA Annual General Meeting in Scotland, the IFAB’s proposal to adopt “blue cards,” which give referees the authority to send players out for 10 minutes for cynical fouls or dissent, was discussed with FIFA. At the elite level, no blue cards will be utilized. As he arrived at the IFAB summit at Loch Lomond in Scotland on Friday, Infantino told reporters, “This is a topic that is non-existent for us.”


Blue cards are totally opposed by FIFA. As FIFA’s president, I had no idea about this subject. I believe FIFA is involved with IFAB. “It’s red card to the blue card,” is the title you want. We are always willing to consider suggestions and ideas. However, upon closer inspection, you also need to preserve the spirit and customs of the game. “The blue card is not available.”

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