Concern over the cancellation of the drone show and lantern festival highlights the value of effective PR.

This kind of typical answer is frequently seen by those in public relations as a risk management strategy. Usually, fear is the source of this. worry of losing more reputation, worry of facing financial and legal repercussions, fear of damaging relationships with stakeholders, and fear of media exaggeration and overreaction. Although some of those worries are legitimate, given how much the world has changed, it is also time for PR to have a greater say in how decisions are made. Everyone may now voice their ideas thanks to social media, and mob mentality is more influential than ever in influencing public opinion.


The renowned song “You say it best when you say nothing at all” was formerly performed by Ronan Keating. Although the song’s theme was that gestures may convey ideas more effectively than words, there is also a more pessimistic reading that suggests people often presume that those with hidden agendas. And once it gets ingrained in a mob mindset, it usually sticks. When “unforeseen circumstances” were mentioned in a news release in the past, the public relied heavily on the journalist’s ability to accurately portray the incident. If news coverage didn’t satisfy the people, they frequently couldn’t get their questions answered outside of their social networks or coffee shops.


After executing their unsuccessful testing, why didn’t the event organizer notify ticket holders right away that the event might not proceed as scheduled and provide them with the opportunity to receive a refund? If none of these questions are addressed, the public will conclude that the event organizers are unreliable, which will negatively affect their capacity to promote more events in the future. However, the public may have concerns about Sentosa’s selection process for events held on its property. These concerns are brought up because Sentosa is more than just a venue; it’s a symbol of the country and a bright spot highlighting Singapore’s appeal to tourists.

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