Documents used for the 2023 presidential election, including ballots, were destroyed

In order to maintain vote confidentiality, almost 2.5 million ballots and other election-related records were destroyed in the 2023 presidential election. The ballot papers and other records were taken out of the Supreme Court vault in sealed boxes on March 2. They were subsequently taken to the Tuas South Incineration Plant and burned there. Per the Elections Department’s permission, neither President Tharman Shanmugaratnam nor the other contenders attended the events.


September 1, 2023, saw the holding of the 2023 presidential election, which had a three-cornered race. With 70.41 percent of the vote, Mr. Tharman won. Ng Kok Song, the former head of GIC Investment, and Tan Kin Lian, the former CEO of NTUC Income, took home 15.72% and 13.87% of the proceeds, respectively. Ballot papers and other election-related records are required by the Presidential Elections Act of 1991 to be sealed and kept in safe custody for a period of six months, after which they will be destroyed, unless the President directs otherwise.


According to an ELD statement from September 2023, there were 2,534,711 votes cast in the 2023 presidential election from both domestic and foreign sources, including 50,230 votes that were returned. Ten overseas polling places were visited by voters from around the world to cast their ballots. For the first time, postal voting was used in this election, and over 3,400 voters from abroad registered to participate.



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