Five giant pandas make their way back from Spain

On Friday afternoon, the giant pandas Bing Xing and Hua Zuiba, accompanied by their young Chulina, Jiu Jiu, and You You, arrived in Chengdu, Sichuan province from Spain. In addition to being the largest family of gigantic pandas to return in recent years, they are the first group of foreign giant pandas to return to China in the Year of the Dragon. The Chengdu Research Base of gigantic Panda Breeding reports that the five gigantic pandas are in good health and will soon be placed under quarantine at the giant panda base in Chengdu. The huge panda family had a farewell ceremony at the Madrid Zoo last week.


Five years after China and Spain established diplomatic ties, in 1978, King Juan Carlos I and Queen Sofia paid a visit to China. Two giant pandas were asked to travel to Spain during this tour. In China, giant pandas are regarded as national treasures and are a rare species. Data from the National Forestry and Grassland Administration show that between 1957 and 1982, China gave 24 giant pandas as gifts to nine nations, including the US, Spain, and the former Soviet Union. The recipients of the pandas were all well received by their citizens. Hua Zuiba was born in 2003 in the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, where Bing Xing was born in 2000. In 2007, they went to the Madrid Zoo in Spain together.


Hua Zuiba gave birth to Chulina, a female giant panda cub, in August 2016. The twin brothers Jiu Jiu and You You were born in September of 2021. The China Wildlife Conservation Association announced last month that it had signed a cooperation agreement for a fresh round of worldwide giant panda preservation with organizations including the Madrid Zoo. The “panda friendship” between the two countries will continue with the arrival of a juvenile pair of giant pandas at the Madrid Zoo, after the return of these five pandas. China has collaborated and carried out research on giant panda conservation with 26 institutes across 20 nations since the 1990s.

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