Israel Gaza: Numerous gunshot wounds among those hurt in the rush to rescue caravan – UN

According to the UN, a large number of those receiving medical attention for wounds after a rush on an aid truck in Gaza on Thursday were shot. UN observers saw some of the approximately 200 patients still receiving care at the al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City. Israel has been accused of firing at people by Hamas, the group in charge of Gaza, but Israel has responded that there was a “stampede” after its troops fired warning shots. Global leaders have demanded a thorough probe. The incident started in the early hours of Thursday morning when hundreds of Palestinians swarmed on an aid truck that was being followed by the Israeli troops down a seaside road.


The World Food Programme has issued a warning that there could soon be a famine in northern Gaza, where an estimated 300,000 people lack access to clean water and food. The region has gotten very little relief in recent weeks. What eyewitness reports and videos reveal about Gazans slain during aid drops. Biden expertly navigates the minefield of the Middle East. Biden anticipates a cease-fire in Gaza by Ramadan’s first day. There are gunshots audible in the video from the location, and witnesses can be seen scurrying over lorries and hiding behind them. According to the health ministry administered by Hamas in Gaza, the incident resulted in at least 112 deaths and 760 injuries.


Additionally, according to Lt Col Peter Lerner of the IDF, Israeli troops “cautiously [tried] to disperse the mob with a few warning shots” when a “mob stormed the convoy” on Channel 4 News in the UK. The Israeli prime minister’s special assistant, Mark Regev, had earlier informed CNN that “Palestinian armed groups” were the source of the shooting and that Israel was not actively involved in it, though he did not offer any proof. Head of the UN Co-ordinator for Humanitarian Affairs’ (OCHA) Gaza sub-office Giorgios Petropoulos told the BBC that he and a team sent to the al-Shifa hospital discovered a considerable number of individuals with bullet wounds.

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