Nintendo is suing the corporation for “colossal scale” piracy

The US developer of software that enables players to play games meant for its wildly popular Switch system on a PC or smartphone has been sued by video game giant Nintendo. The firm that created Donkey Kong, Super Mario, and The Legend of Zelda is attempting to impose restrictions on Tropic Haze, the company that owns and operates the well-known video game emulator Yuzu. The company is officially registered in the US state of Rhode Island. To play video games meant for a particular console, like the Switch, Sony PlayStation, or Microsoft Xbox, you can download an emulator onto your computer or mobile device.


Originally, before retro gaming became a separate market for Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft, emulators were created for games that were no longer released on the newest platforms. via the lawsuit, filed on February 26 via a federal court in Rhode Island, the firm said that the defendant is “fully aware” that Yuzu is “facilitating piracy at a colossal scale.” Without ever having to spend a dollar for a Nintendo console or the game itself, Yuzu now gives every Internet user in the world the ability to illegally decrypt and play almost any Nintendo Switch game, including the company’s most well-known and current titles, the business said.


The massive Japanese gaming company charges Yuzu with going over and beyond to get beyond complex security measures and encryption so that Yuzu’s users may access Nintendo games. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act, a US legislation that forbids circumventing firewalls set up to prevent the piracy of works protected by copyright, was allegedly broken by Yuzu’s authors. Tropic Haze and Yuzu could not be reached for comment. Nintendo emphasized that Yuzu was a crucial platform for both playing games that had already was released and those that had been unlawfully leaked. Prior to its 2023 release, Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom was downloaded one million times, according to the lawsuit. Users were sent to Yuzu by pirate websites in order to play the game.

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