Observatory: Argentina’s femicides continued to rise after setting a record the previous year

According to a report released on Friday by a local observatory, femicide rates in Argentina, which were already at a record high last year, have risen even more in the first two months of 2024. The fact that more than one woman is killed every day highlights the grave danger that women face. By the end of February, the nation had witnessed 61 sexist killings of women and girls because of their gender, up from 56 the previous year, according to the femicide observatory at the reputable La Casa del Encuentro non-governmental organization.The country in South America experienced a record 322 femicides last year, according to independent official estimates, with increased poverty, unstable political environments, and inflation fueling a problem in the cost of living. This is why there has been an almost 10% increase in femicides.


Since taking office in December, the nation’s women’s ministry has been destroyed by new libertarian president Javier Milei as part of a cost-cutting effort, with those functions being moved under a larger ministry of human capital. Some organizations are worried that this may weaken women’s protections. They are vanishing from our lives. We experience a sense of time travel.” The administration chose not to respond. Even though Milei insists he is not anti-women, he is openly anti-feminist. He has instructed government agencies to refrain from using inclusive language and wants to reopen the abortion debate, which was authorized by Congress during the previous administration.


Out of the 61 victims, 20% had filed a previous complaint, and 57% had been slain in their homes. In turn, the report claims that the killings left 77 children orphans. The Supreme Court of Justice and the Ombudsman’s Office create official reports, but such figures are not released until late in the year. Therefore, NGO data provides the most immediate indicator of trends related to femicides. Together with fourteen other organizations, La Casa del Encuentro is pressuring the government to make clear its state policies and how it intends to strengthen safeguards for women against gender-based violence.

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