Ocon perseveres despite his poor Alpine qualification performance

After a poor start to the Formula One season, in which both cars qualified at the rear of the Bahrain Grand Prix starting grid, Esteban Ocon stated that he trusted Renault-owned Alpine to solve their issues. Ocon qualified in 19th place, while Pierre Gasly, another Frenchman, came in last. Nobody likes to be at the back, and since everyone on this squad is a competitor, it’s critical that we stick together, keep our heads up, and keep moving forward, Ocon told reporters.


He said, referring to the English and French factories, “This team developed a winning car a few years ago, and those ideas were made in the same places as today, in Viry and Enstone.” We can keep doing all of these things, and I have faith that the team will advance.” Alpine dropped from fourth place in 2022 to sixth place overall in the previous year. Along with longtime sporting director Alan Permane and chief technical officer Pat Fry, they parted ways with principal Otmar Szafnauer last July. Red Bull’s Permane is currently with RB, and Fry is at Williams. We clearly lack pace right now, especially on short runs. Tomorrow, we’ll see exactly where we are on a long run,” stated Ocon.


We had indications from the tests that we would be there. Although it is evident that today that is the case, we were unsure. We need to keep moving forward as a team in order to make an impact in the future, even though we are trailing behind and moving slowly.” Ocon expressed optimism about Aston Martin and McLaren’s progress from the previous season. We keep working because it won’t be the same narrative in five or six races because we are here today,” he stated. “Hopefully we’ll have a clean race and we can move forward to Jeddah with more ideas for the next one.”

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