Reconstructed flood control structures following disasters

Thanks to the issue of an additional 1 trillion yuan ($139 billion) in government bonds for the project, officials in China reported that the country has made significant progress in reconstructing flood-damaged flood control facilities and enhancing flood control capabilities there. The bonds were issued during the fourth quarter of last year, following the devastating floods that occurred during the previous year’s flood season in Northeast China’s Songhua River Basin and the Haihe River Basin, which includes Beijing. The National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Water Resources, according to Vice-Minister Chen Min, have implemented a number of initiatives to capitalize on the bonds’ potential to speed up the development of water resource management projects.


According to him, the committee released three lists of projects that can be funded by the bonds after consulting with other pertinent departments. It then collaborated with the ministry to release a regulation that addresses every step of project management, including funding utilization and work safety control. According to him, steps have been taken to guarantee that the various project phases can be finished on time. He said, “As a result of the efforts, 1,488 projects nationwide have received 29.3 billion yuan invested in them.”


The vice-minister stated, “In general, the construction of these projects runs smoothly.” According to Yuan Da, the commission’s deputy secretary-general, water resources management has received more than half of the 1 trillion yuan funding, making it the top priority of the post-disaster activities funded by the bonds. According to him, the money will go toward twelve different kinds of projects, such as building dikes, reservoirs, water channels, and flood storage basins.

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