Republicans question the FBI on claims that a Biden informant lied

Republicans have requested details regarding a discredited FBI informant, whose allegations served as the foundation for their investigation into President Joe Biden. After serving as an FBI source for 14 years, Alexander Smirnov was charged last month with making false statements to agents. Prosecutors alleged that he made up allegations that Hunter Biden and his father received kickbacks from a Ukrainian energy company. The accusations, according to the congressmen, raised questions about the FBI’s screening process for confidential sources. The chairs of the House Judiciary and Oversight committees, Republican congressmen Jim Jordan and James Comer, requested papers detailing the methods used by federal agents to screen informants and the amount of compensation they received, in a letter addressed to FBI Director Christopher Wray.


An important component of their current impeachment probe, which was started last year, was Mr. Smirnov’s evidence. “Only after Mr Smirnov reported that President Joe Biden accepted a bribe from a Ukrainian energy company in exchange for using his official position to oust the Ukrainian Prosecutor General did the FBI apparently take a hard look at this CHS [confidential human resource],” the legislators stated. “During the intervening period, the FBI represented to Congress that the CHS was ‘highly credible’ and that the release of his information would endanger Americans.”


The two MPs instructed the FBI until March 15th to submit any records pertaining to any misconduct on the part of the FBI or misreporting of Mr. Smirnov. Documents pertaining to an FBI investigation into Mr. Biden’s alleged bribery were also requested by Mr. Jordan and Mr. Comer, the leaders of the impeachment investigation. The prosecution claims that Mr. Smirnov, 43, made up a story in 2015 or 2016 claiming that he was informed by a representative of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma that the business had paid the Bidens up to $5 million (£3.9 million) in bribes each. Lawmakers’ requests for papers pertaining to the assertion were first denied by the FBI on the grounds that doing so would expose their secret source.

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