Singapore wants to increase the pool of talent for AI through visiting professorships and an expedited master’s program.

Minister of Communications and Information Josephine Teo announced on Friday, March 1, that Singapore will begin offering master’s programs and professorships in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). The Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI) stated that the AI Visiting Professorship is intended to be awarded to a pilot batch of five visiting professors over the next three years with the goal of drawing world-class scholars to work with Singapore.


It will be mandatory for these professors to dedicate a minimum of twenty percent of their time to these collaborative efforts. They would be encouraged to mentor young researchers and students in Singapore, and they will also need to find a local collaborator. “These AI visiting professors are expected to drive research in line with our national AI research agenda, enhance local students’ training opportunities, and spark new research endeavors in Singapore,” stated MCI. This comes after Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong declared earlier in February during his Budget 2024 speech that the government will allocate over S$1 billion (US$743.7 million) to talent and industry growth, AI computing, over the next five years.


This is in line with the revised National AI Strategy (NAIS) 2.0 for Singapore, which was unveiled in December of last year. Without a question, technology now plays a significant role in Singaporeans’ daily lives,” Mrs. Teo stated in parliament while outlining the annual budget for her ministry. “Our goal is to create a pool of skilled researchers from Singapore and equip our students to pursue AI research positions in the industry or improve their chances of being accepted into PhD programs in the field,” stated MCI.



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