The Gaza War, according to UN Women, is “a war on women”

UN Women, a UN agency committed to women’s empowerment and gender equality, referred to the Gaza War as “also a war on women.” The group said in a statement on Friday that since the strike on October 7, 9,000 women have died in Gaza. “As the war on Gaza approaches its five-month mark, Gazan women continue to suffer its devastating impact,” the statement continued. “While this war spares no one, UN Women data shows that it kills and injures women in unprecedented ways.”


According to UN Women, around 37 mothers are among the 63 women who are killed in Gaza on a daily average, “leaving their families devastated and their children with diminished protection.” “More than 4 out of 5 women (84 per cent) report that their family eats half or less of the food they used to before the war began, with mothers and adult women being those tasked with sourcing food, yet eating last, less, and least than everyone else,” the statement continued. UN Women also noted that 87% of Gaza’s women report that it is more difficult for them to get food than it is for males.


“Some women are now resorting to extreme coping mechanisms, such as scavenging for food under rubble or in dumpsters,” stated UN Women. Their demands included the delivery of humanitarian relief to Gaza immediately and the cessation of “the killing, bombing, and destruction of essential infrastructure in Gaza.” “Unless there is an immediate humanitarian ceasefire, many more will die in the coming days and weeks,” stated UN Woman.


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