US, UK, and Canada announce more sanctions against those who back the military in Myanmar

Building on previous sanctions, the US, Canada, and the UK targeted sources of support for Myanmar’s military administration on Tuesday, focusing on its capacity to purchase weapons. More than two years have passed since a military coup that also sparked a deadly assault against proponents of democracy. The US Treasury Department, referring to Myanmar under a different name, claimed that since the coup, “Burma’s military regime has repeatedly harmed civilians in air strikes, suppressed pro-democracy movements, destroyed homes and infrastructure, and displaced millions of people”.


It further stated that organizations and people, including public servants, that support or encourage violence in the nation of Southeast Asia are the focus of the most recent penalties. Sanctions against the state-owned Myanma Oil and Gas Enterprise were one of the major measures implemented. According to the United States, this continues to be the military regime’s primary source of foreign funding, bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars annually. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken stated in a statement, “We continue to encourage all countries to take tangible measures to halt the flow of arms, aviation fuel, and revenue to the military regime.”


The US Treasury also blacklisted five individuals and three businesses that have assisted the military regime in importing commodities and weapons. “Today’s action, taken in coordination with Canada and the United Kingdom, maintains our collective pressure on Burma’s military and denies the regime access to arms and supplies necessary to commit its violent acts,” stated Brian Nelson, the undersecretary of the Treasury Department responsible for financial intelligence and terrorism. The UK slapped penalties in a separate statement on five people and one organization that were either involved in selling prohibited products or offering financial services to the regime. According to Canadian officials, the nation has now targeted 63 businesses and 95 individuals with its most recent steps.

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