Within an expansive Singaporean home influenced by recollections of New York

Tucked away in a gated community in Singapore, this architectural marvel combines contemporary, elegant living with a touch of the tropics. Cecilia Tay, an art curator, and her husband Sam live in this elegant mansion, which goes by the nickname “the House with Verandahs.” This expansive 20,000 square foot property, which is distinguished by its airy and welcoming verandahs, was created by the renowned firm RT + Q Architects and was even awarded the coveted SIA Design Award in 2023. “Artistic, lush, and sanctuary are the three words I would use to describe my house,” Tay remarked. Taking inspiration from their upstate New York way of life, where they spent fifteen years living.


The house is surrounded by three verandahs; the front verandah is perfect for a morning cup of tea because it has a swing and a durian tree that is the focal point of the garden. Olive trees placed thoughtfully give the back verandah a Mediterranean feel. The family’s meeting place, the basement verandah, looks out onto the swimming pool, which their two small children particularly like. “There were a lot of special memories formed in the house where we had a lot of parties when we were in New York,” she recounted. We so intended to replicate that when we returned to Singapore and make wonderful memories here at this property.


Being nearer to Tay’s parents, who also recently moved into the home, has made the family’s move to Singapore even more significant. Tay joked, lightheartedly, “Grandparents tend to over-love the grandkids by spoiling them.” My kids have discovered their personal driver and chef in granny and grandpa ever since we returned. She went on, “As a working mother, I can have the peace of mind that my parents are always there for the kids,” in a more serious manner.The architects realized her dream for the family residence.We gave them a very straightforward brief: to comprehend the worldwide subtleties of our lifestyle and the necessity of a multigenerational residence.

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