Xi emphasizes China’s superior new energy development

In order to contribute more to the creation of a beautiful and clean world, Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, has placed a strong emphasis on encouraging the high-quality development of new energy in China. Xi said as he oversaw a group study session of the CPC Central Committee’s Political Bureau on Thursday. Xi stated that the international community has come to the understanding that the development of clean energy and the promotion of green and low-carbon transformation are necessary to combat global climate change, noting that energy security has an impact on a nation’s overall economic and social growth.


He stated that a number of obstacles still face China’s energy development, including intense demand pressure, supply limitations, and the difficult work of making the country greener and less carbon-intensive. “To meet these challenges, the way out is to vigorously develop new energy,” stated Xi. Rich in solar energy, wind power, and other resources, China has enormous potential for developing new energy, according to Xi. He pointed out that China has constructed the biggest clean power supply infrastructure in the world and that its solar devices, lithium batteries, and new energy cars are all very competitive in the international market.


Xi asked for actions to address the interplay between new and conventional energy, the whole and the part, the market and the government, energy development and saving and use, and the promotion of new energy’s high-quality growth. In order to propel China’s industrial upgrading and encourage the emergence of new productive forces, Xi stated that efforts should be made to strengthen collaborative research on core technologies in important fields, strengthen the transformation and application of scientific research achievements, and cultivate energy technology and its related industries into new growth points. Xi emphasized the need to advance the development of the new energy infrastructure network, as well as to encourage the intelligent modernization of the power grid infrastructure and the building of intelligent microgrids.



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