As negotiations over a ceasefire and hostages continue, the US claims more aid is being dropped into Gaza. Get caught up right now

A White House official said that the Defense Department intends to carry out further airdrops of aid into Gaza in the coming days following the first successful US airdrop on Saturday. Simultaneously, a top official in US President Joe Biden’s administration stated that Israel is still waiting on Hamas after “basically accepting” a six-week truce agreement in Gaza. Learn more about the top stories of the day: US dumps aid into Gaza: Following the US-led operation with Jordan, White House officials reported that they witnessed Palestinian citizens dividing up the tens of thousands of meals among themselves. On Saturday, Biden stated that there is not enough aid going to Gaza. While the UN warns that hundreds of thousands of people in the enclave are on the verge of starvation and US ally Israel persists in obstructing relief deliveries, aid organizations have denounced US airdrop efforts as ineffectual.


Status of talks for a cease-fire and hostage agreement: According to a senior Biden administration source, Israel has “more or less accepted” a “framework deal.” According to the official, the main issue is that Hamas hasn’t consented to free a “defined category of vulnerable hostages” yet. Despite the fact that more than 100 Palestinians were killed on Thursday while attempting to obtain food in Gaza City, CNN reported on Friday that officials still thought the current negotiations to achieve a deal in time for Ramadan, which begins in just over a week, were proceeding as planned. There will be more discussions in Cairo, two people with knowledge of the situation have said. Though the precise time of the discussions is unknown, they will take place at the expert level; recent discussions in Paris have.


Although the precise time of the discussions is unknown, they will take place at the expert level; director level discussions have recently taken place in Paris. Harris will speak with a minister from Israel: According to a White House official, Israeli war cabinet member Benny Gantz and US Vice President Kamala Harris will meet on Monday as negotiators attempt to reach a resolution. Gantz is also anticipated to meet with US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan. Last month, Gantz threatened that Israel will increase military operations in the southernmost city of Rafah if hostages held by Hamas are not released before the beginning of Ramadan.

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