Biden’s border policies, according to Trump, are part of a “conspiracy to overthrow” the US

Reuters, Greensboro, North Carolina, March 2 – On Saturday, Republican front-runner Donald Trump charged that President Joe Biden was part of a “conspiracy to overthrow the United States” by allowing millions of migrants to flow across the border between the United States and Mexico due to inadequate security measures. Speaking at a Greensboro, North Carolina, campaign rally, Trump seemed to be implying—as he has in the past—that Democrats want to turn illegal immigrants into dependable votes. Trump said that the goal of Biden’s government is “to collapse the American system, nullify the will of the actual American voters and establish a new base of power that gives them control for generations.”


At a nighttime event in Richmond, Virginia, Trump clarified his remarks after restating the accusations. The speaker made reference to the Biden White House, stating that “they’re trying to sign (migrants) up to get them to vote in the next election.” As part of his border policy, Trump further charged that Biden was giving “aid and comfort to foreign enemies of the United States”. Biden’s campaign responded by citing a border security bill that Trump had helped sink last month in Congress by pressuring Republicans to vote against it. “Trump is projecting once more in an effort to divert attention from the reality that he vetoed the most robust and equitable border security package in decades because he thought it would support his political agenda. Sad,” Ammar Moussa, a spokesman for Biden, said.


Last year, in response to criticism from Republicans who charge him with not controlling the border, Biden asked Congress for increased funds for law enforcement and threatened to “shut down the border” if granted the power to send back migrants. However, despite the fact that a bipartisan immigration plan included some border-security measures that Republicans had long favored, it stalled in the U.S. Senate last month when Trump advised Republicans not to support it. Trump has previously made remarks that imply Democrats are deliberately letting immigrants into the nation in order to increase their electoral support—a long-standing assertion supported by the far-right known as the “great replacement theory.”

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