Germany is looking into the leak of a recording of its officers talking about aid to Ukraine

Following the publication in Russia of an audio recording supposedly featuring German military commanders discussing support for Ukraine, including the possible use of Taurus missiles, German authorities announced on Saturday that they were opening an investigation. When Chancellor Olaf Scholz visited Rome on Saturday, he described it as a “very serious matter” and stated that German authorities were delving into the issue “very carefully, very intensively and very quickly.” The German news agency dpa reported his remarks.


Military officials talk about how Ukraine might employ the Taurus long-range cruise missiles in the 38-minute tape. With two years of conflict behind Ukraine, the country is facing defeats on the battlefield, and congressional resistance to US military aid has sparked a discussion in Germany about whether or not to send the missiles. Scholz stated earlier this week that he is still hesitant to deliver the Taurus missiles to Ukraine because there is a chance that Germany would get embroiled in the conflict. His hesitation has irritated Germany’s conservative opposition and caused tension in his three-party coalition.


However, German officers discuss the potential employment of the missiles in Ukraine in the alleged audio tape. The German Ministry of Defense declared that it was looking into the possibility that Russians intercepted conversations within the air force. “According to our assessment, a conversation within the air force was intercepted,” the statement read in a dpa report. It is currently impossible to determine for sure if the written or recorded version that is making the rounds on social media has been altered.” The recording was shared on social media by Margarita Simonyan, head editor of the state-funded TV program RT in Russia.

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