Go-kart track in Batam killed a Singaporean, and spectators claim it is devoid of safety precautions

Fans of karting who have visited circuits in Batam claim that the facilities lack basic safety equipment including full-face helmets and adequate track safety barriers. Mr. Lai stated there was no safety instruction before to the 15-minute ride when he and his family went to Golden City Go-Kart in Batam in 2019. The 41-year-old engineer, who wished to remain anonymous, claimed that participants were instructed to choose their helmets and given hairnets. “We had to select helmets from a rack, but it was obvious they weren’t appropriate helmets,” he remarked, noting that the majority were open-faced and devoid of face shields, meaning they provided no protection for the mandible.


After that, it was straight to the karts. Mr. Lai, who contacted The Straits Times after learning of news reports of an accident at Golden City Go-Kart on February 21 that claimed the life of Ms. Arini Mohamed Adinan, recalled only that the staff had informed them that the left pedal was for braking and the right for acceleration. The Singaporean woman’s kart smashed into a tire-lined barrier at a high speed, killing her the day after her 33rd birthday. When Mr. Lai appeared at the circuit, he claimed to have reserved two two-seater karts. When their son was six, his wife was in one.


He made the decision to ride even though there was no security briefing because he has been to other tracks before. They spent roughly fifteen minutes on the track before heading back to the pits. According to Mr. Lai, a different kart struck his wife and their six-year-old son as they were getting out of their vehicle. He reported, “I saw a kart entering the pit area at high speed and heard some screams from the crowd. The driver did not seem to slow down.” The older boy required medical attention because he was injured. While ministering to his son’s injured and swollen leg, he heard the other kart’s driver complaining that the brakes were broken.




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