Rishi has shown that he is the responsible politician that we sorely need

Maybe it’s the constant rain or the cold I had last week, but I can’t seem to get rid of the persistent sense of hopelessness that permeates my life. Not only are there frustrating things like Royal Mail raising the cost of a first-class stamp and threatening to reduce delivery to just three days a week; some ridiculously progressive West End theater is suggesting ‘black out’ nights where white patrons are not allowed. It’s high-level information. It’s the fact that Wayne Couzens, the man who killed Sarah Everard, was permitted to enlist in the police and work as an officer for almost 20 years in spite of numerous warning signs; it’s the fact that our Royal Family appears to be slipping away, as evidenced by Prince William’s abrupt cancellation of a crucial engagement this week, leaving Prince Andrew, of all people, to step in.


The issue is that regular Members of Parliament need close protection officers just to feel comfortable going about their daily lives, and there are always crowds of people in our streets openly chanting anti-Semitic slogans and threatening Parliament. The last straw has arrived in the form of George Galloway, a clown of a man who supports Putin’s Russia and Hezbollah; who was fired from TalkRadio for his anti-Semitic remarks; and who has the endorsement of Nick Griffin, the racist former leader of the British National Party. Honestly, could things get any more end-of-days, short of an actual frog rain? For this reason, the unexpected Friday night speech by Rishi Sunak to the nation was so appreciated and, in the end, so incredibly well-timed.


Granted, he might not be the best orator to have ever stepped onto the steps of No. 10 Downing Street. However, what he stated was significant, accurate, and most importantly, real. Importantly, it was more of an intervention and a declaration of moral intent than it was a political address chock with of clich├ęs and assurances. It also exuded clarity and confidence, which are qualities that a lot of politicians and other powerful individuals these days appear to lack. There was no space for obfuscation because it was brief, straightforward, and to the point. The Prime Minister is frequently criticized for lacking passion or fire in his belly, despite his intelligence and ability. All that was altered by Friday’s remarks.

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