The UN Security Council is “deeply concerned” about the event involving the fatal Gaza relief convoy

While noting that an Israeli probe is in progress, the UN Security Council has expressed “deep concern” over a terrible incident that killed over 100 Palestinians who were seeking relief in northern Gaza on Thursday. “The council members express deep concern regarding reports stating that an incident involving Israeli forces at a large gathering surrounding a humanitarian assistance convoy southwest of Gaza City resulted in over 100 deaths and several hundred injuries, including gunshot wounds as observed by UN-OCHA,” the Security Council said in a statement on Saturday. “The council members take note that an Israeli investigation is underway,” it continued.


US concerns prevented Security Council members from reaching a consensus on a statement on Thursday, the day of the tragedy. “Reiterating their demand for parties to the conflict to allow, facilitate, and enable the immediate, rapid, safe, sustained, and unhindered delivery of humanitarian assistance at scale to the Palestinian civilian population throughout the Gaza Strip,” the Security Council members said in a statement released on Saturday. According to the statement, “the council members urge Israel to support the safe and prompt delivery of relief items to people throughout the Gaza Strip, to facilitate the opening of additional crossings to meet humanitarian needs at scale, and to keep border crossings open for humanitarian aid to enter Gaza.”


According to the Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza, Israeli troops opened fire on Palestinian civilians who were gathered around food relief vehicles on Thursday, killing at least 118 and injuring 760. These figures cannot be independently verified by CNN. The Israeli military has refuted that report, claiming it dispersed the throng with warning bullets. Many of the wounded civilians received gunshot wounds, according to a UN team that visited the hospital where survivors were brought, according to a UN spokesperson on Friday. According to Stéphane Dujarric, “from what they saw, there is a large number of gunshot wounds among the patients alive and receiving treatment.”


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