The US says Israel has “more or less” accepted the framework agreement for the Gaza ceasefire

It is now up to the Palestinian organization Hamas to accept the framework for a proposed ceasefire and captive release agreement in Gaza, according to the United States. Israel has practically accepted it. It’s a framework agreement. During a conference call on Saturday, a senior US official in the Biden administration informed reporters that the Israelis had “more or less accepted it.” Speaking under anonymity, the official stated, “At this moment, the ball is in the camp of Hamas.” The declaration is made the day before anticipated cease-fire negotiations are scheduled to start in Egypt.


Weeks have passed while international mediators have tried to reach an agreement to stop the bloodshed before the start of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan on March 10. According to the US official, the framework proposal calls for a six-week ceasefire and the release by Hamas of hostages deemed vulnerable, including as women, children, the sick, and the injured. Aid for hundreds of thousands of destitute Palestinians in northern Gaza, who humanitarian officials claim face starvation, would also probably be able to reach them with an agreement. Since the start of its assault on October 7, Israel has placed harsh restrictions on the flow of food, water, medicine, and other goods into the Gaza Strip.


He went on, “But it clearly looks like an attempt to pile on the pressure on Hamas before the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan begins in just over a week,” claiming that the proposal is offering them more assistance deliveries at a crucial moment in addition to a six-week fighting break.

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