Trump attempts to explain his verbal gaffes by confusing Biden with Obama once more

After trying to excuse his linguistic gaffes throughout the campaign trail and insisting they were deliberate, former President Donald Trump confused former President Joe Biden with former President Barack Obama on Saturday once more. “Moreover, [Russian President Vladimir] Putin is beginning to use the term “nuclear” more frequently because he has so little regard for Obama. That’s what you heard, nuclear. Today, he is beginning to discuss nuclear weapons. That’s what I was hoping would happen. But in a Richmond, Virginia, campaign event, Trump remarked, “We have a fool, a fool for a president.”


Earlier in his speech, Trump made an attempt to justify the numerous occasions when he purposefully confused Biden with Obama during campaign appearances. Democrats have been capitalizing on Trump’s linguistic gaffes while Biden’s mental stability is being questioned. “Each time I say that, or let me say, Barack Hussein Obama, our president — I do it because, you know, it makes a point. We recognize that, correct, as many claim he is in charge of the nation. Personally, I don’t think so,” Trump remarked. Once more, Trump insisted that it was intentional for him to mislead GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley and former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.


“I deliberately jumble up names like Birdbrain; you are aware of Birdbrain, right? Nancy Pelosi and Nikki. In my opinion, they are interchangeable, therefore I included them,” Trump remarked. Trump gave a brief nod to Haley, his last primary opponent, and centered the majority of his second campaign speech of the day on Biden, the US-Mexico border, and his legal concerns. He had made a very identical address in Greensboro, North Carolina, earlier in the day. During his speech, Trump also praised Javier Milei, the president of Argentina on the far-right. “Even Argentina went bonkers. He adores Trump, which is why I adore him. I answered his call when he called. I like everyone who loves me,” he remarked.

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