Why Hatters are popular in Japan these days

Many people became aware of Luton Town for the first time after the Hatters got promoted to the Premier League in May of last year. After joining from Belgian team Sint-Truidense V.V. in January, 24-year-old Daiki Hashioka, Luton’s first Japanese player, made his debut on Wednesday against Manchester City. What is the opinion of the expanding Japanese Luton fan base toward the increasingly globally acknowledged side? Hatters have shared their tales from thousands of miles distant from Kenilworth Road. Every Japanese fan has a different motivation for being a part of the nation’s expanding Hatters fan base.


Comedian Sweets It was only recently that Nanako began to watch Premier League games, thanks to a recommendation from his friend who supports Arsenal. The Tokyo native was drawn to Luton for three reasons: their energy, their passion, and their moniker. He said: “I wear a pancake hat as part of my stage costume, I felt a sense of kinship when I learned that Luton Town’s nickname was Hatters.” The 37-year-old expressed his enjoyment at witnessing the team “never give up until the end” this season. “Lately, we have been winning more games and getting better results, so I think the motivation of the players is increasing with each game, which is having a positive impact on the team,” he stated.


The tight tie that exists between the club and its supporters is something he appreciated, saying, “The relationship between Luton Town players and fans is as indispensable as scones and clotted cream.” Hearing that Daiki Hashioka was joining the Bedfordshire team excited Mr. Nanako. “I’m happy that a Japanese player is joining my favourite team, I’m sure the number of Luton fans in Japan will increase thanks to Hashioka!” The 30-year-old Ryo Kikuchi resides in the Miyagi Prefecture in northeastern Japan, 90 minutes by train from Tokyo. Vegalta Sendai, a Japanese football team, was established in 1988—the same year the Hatters won the Littlewoods Challenge Cup Final 3-2 against Arsenal.

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