Why Macron believes that abortion rights will triumph politically

France is getting ready to enshrine the right to an abortion in its constitution, making it the first nation to do so globally. President Emmanuel Macron has called a special session of parliament on Monday at the Palace of Versailles, bringing together members of both the upper and lower chambers. Women’s “guaranteed freedom” to abort will be enshrined in the country’s 1958 constitution if, as predicted, they approve the government’s motion by a three-fifths majority. It will be the first since 2008 and the 25th amendment to the Fifth Republic’s founding text.


Encouraged by the US government’s decision to revoke abortion rights two years ago, proponents are jubilant about the change, which they view as a safeguard against a French reversal of course. According to polls, 85% of French people are in favor of the reform. Right-wing opposition in parliament has not materialized. Instead, the politics behind the move have been the main focus of the opposition, with President Macron being accused of subverting the constitution to win over voters. Critics argue that while the modification is not inherently incorrect, it is unneeded. They also perceive the president as weak and attempting to capitalize on the issue to strengthen his left-wing reputation and mobilize anti-abortion sentiment.


It will be difficult for President Macron to get any reforms passed into law because he does not have a majority in the National Assembly. Meanwhile, his government was reorganized in January in a way that leaned it to the right. His Renaissance party’s left-leaning members are uneasy after the controversial immigration and pension reform bills passed this year; for them, the modification on abortion is a welcome rebalancing. Being able to declare our unity once more on a topic that the entire party can agree on is a huge relief. Although there have been many conflicts inside Renaissance, we can now remind ourselves of the principles we all uphold “A left-wing party member who wished to remain anonymous said as much.

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