A UN delegation concludes that on October 7, Hamas most certainly committed sexual assault in Israel

A UN panel came to the conclusion that there were “reasonable grounds to believe” that sexual violence, including gang and rape, had occurred during the October 7th Hamas strikes in Israel. They added that there was “convincing information” indicating sexual assault had been committed against the hostages. UN Special Representative on Sexual Violence in Conflict Pramila Patten headed the trip. During the attacks, Hamas has denied that its fighters sexually abused women. “The mission team found that there are reasonable grounds to believe that conflict-related sexual violence occurred in multiple locations during the 7 October attacks,” according to the UN report.


It said that these occurred in at least three places: Road 232, Kibbutz Re’im, and the area surrounding the Nova music festival. On October 7, terrorists from Hamas stormed southern Israel, killing over 1,200 people and kidnapping 253 more. In response, Israel launched a military campaign in Gaza that has claimed 30,500 lives, according to the health ministry operated by Hamas. Soon after October 7th, reports of sexual violence committed by Hamas—which Israel, the UK, and other countries have designated as a terrorist organization—started to surface, and they have continued to mount ever since. The BBC has also heard and witnessed evidence of female mutilation, sexual assault, and rape.


In its report, the United Nations stated that it had “found clear and convincing information that sexual violence, including rape, sexualized torture, cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment has been committed against hostages” . It further stated that it “has reasonable grounds to believe that such violence may be ongoing against those still held in captivity” . The United Nations team was in Israel from January 29 to February 14. According to the UN, Ms. Patten and nine specialists were part of a mission that was intended to gather and verify claims rather than conduct an investigation. It further stated that 33 meetings were held with Israeli personnel and that 50 hours of video and over 5,000 photos were analyzed.

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